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JP  Veterinary Services Limited


Policy: Off Site Visits.


Please be advised that we are unable to conduct routine off site visits unless in exceptional circumstances. This applies both within normal working hours and out of hours.


This is due to many factors including  the following: Covid 19 risks, availability of vets and nurses, the needs of patients at the practice, other emergencies, staff safety concerns and the lack of facilities and equipment to adequately care for and treat an animal off site.


In all but exceptional circumstances, the interests of the pet will be best served by bringing the animal to the surgery where the vet has access to a full range of equipment, medication and facilities.  Exceptional circumstances might include an entrapped animal that cannot be moved prior to veterinary attention.


We are aware that when an animal is unwell it can be upsetting and stressful for the owner or carer but remind owners that it is their responsibility to organise transport for their pet to the surgery, including in emergency situations.  We encourage all owners and carers to make plans before a situation arises, ie: consider how they will transport their pet to the practice: own transport, family member, friend, neighbour, animal ambulance, or possibly a taxi that agrees to transport animals.


Where the attending vet has declined an off site visit and offered to see the animal at the practice we would remind owners that the responsibility of the animal’s welfare rests with the owner.

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