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Dog Running in Water


Parking and Waiting Room

Here at JP Vets we have ample parking with wheel chair access to the practice. Our large waiting area is comfortable and laid out so quieter pets can go on one side, away from the more excitable ones.



This is great for more than just ascertaining stage of pregnancy, it's also helpful in spotting fluid or gasses where they shouldn't be indicating internal problems such as a blockage. It's also used to help diagnose urinary problems and kidney stones.

Separate Wards 

We have separate wards so that dogs, cats and small furies/reptiles are kept separate. To make sure they are as comfortable and remain as stress free as possible. 



We have an X-Ray room in practice, and a portable digital X-Ray that we can bring to you. So if you suspect your cat, dog, horse has a break or other internal injury we can diagnose the problem faster and more efficiently. 



This is a vital part of keeping contagious diseases away from health pets, but still be able to treat the infected animal in a safe comfortable environment. Our isolation unit is completely seperate to the main practice, with large well ventilated heated kennels.

Preparation Room and Theatre

We have a full equipped Prep and Theatre room, ensuring the best environment during surgeries. This is to ensure your pet has the best chance of a quick recovery. 


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